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The Compton Theatre Organ is ready to play !!

The Compton Theatre Organ has had her big overhaul. We've made a lot of new possibilities. The commands to the Organ chambers is modernized while the instruments are controlled by the old fashioned way. (by electro magnets and airpressure)

Important benefit is that the large amount of wires to the organ chamber are replaced by one network cable.
Not only the console has a new control system. The whole console was disassembled piece by piece and all the parts were very precisely maintained.
All the registerstops, black and white keys, connections, lights, toe-pistons, power supplies etc.

But also the organ chamber is well maintained and has also the Great Uniflex system.

Do you want to see the new Disposition ? Please click on the picture to enlarge it.

We are proud to announce that it has been a great succes, so ...

The Concerts will start again !!

Straight to the concertagenda



May 6'th 2012 till end 2012 ...

Compton Theatre organ gets big overhaul

Now is the time. The Compton Theatre Organ gets her major maintenance or better major overhaul.
We have had some setbacks with the digital system "Opus II". There are many problems in this system. It contains many errors and the programming is very inconsistent. Upon further investigation it appears not to be what a good system had to be. It ain't work flawlessly.

We necessarily have to use a different system called Uniflex. 
This is a
 popular and much simpler system shown in many of our professional contacts.
It costs a lot of money but unfortunately it is necessary, otherwise the organ will not working properly anymore.
Back to the old relay system is not an option otherwise we won't transfer to the new system. 
That seems clear to me.

So the Compton organ will be out of order till further notice.
We will work hard but it's a hell of a job.

May 5'th 2012

Liberty day music event with Eddie Ruhier

On Saturday the 5'th of May Eddie Ruhier wil give a special Liberty day music event.
Last year was this event a huge success.

Many people asked for a continue.
This event won't be a regular concert but an event with many varieties.
f.i. there will be also with Eddies concert a visual show with lights and accompaniment movie.
Even a dance organ of the Kunkels Street organ museum will play together with Eddie.

Please join us to enjoy this great day.

December 17'th 2011

Open console- en organistday.

At last, We've been waiting for so long.
There will be a great open console and organist mini concert day.

Theme: Christmas here we come!!

You are welcome on Saturday 17'th 2011 13:00 till 16:00 h.

Entrance: 5 euro.

Do you want to try our Compton Theatre Organ ? Please let us know.
So we can make an honest planning.
You can let us know at the planningpage (click here)

We hope to see you on this great day.
The Technical Staff of Compton Haarlem.

September 4'th & 24'th 20

The new season is started.

On Sunday September 4'th there's an oldtimermarket on the parking place of the "Sligro"-store. (see also: ).
We work together for a couple of years by giving this day some miniconcerts in the Kunkelsmuseum with our Compton Organ.
Entrance is free and you can take the nice open touring car from the Sligro-store to the Museum v.v.

Do you want to enjoy the wonderful Theatre Organ with the joy of a nice cup of coffee ? Please come by.
Do you want to try this beautiful organ by yourself ? We will do our best to give you the opportunity between the program.

September 24'th the new concert season is started at Haarlem. Gerwin van der Plaats will give the first concert with his great repertoire.


June 4'th 2011

Musicspecial with Eddie Ruhier, big succes !

We always want to do something bright and something new but also want to be original. Eddie Ruhier is always pleased when we have such idea's.
Eddie is a man who want to do something exciting and new.

June 4'th we did a music special in stead of a regular Concert. This was a bigger success than we hoped for. All the people asked for more.
They asked us when we will do this again so that's a promise.

It was a kind of an entertainment show.
Eddie played music on the Compton Theatre Organ with accompaniment of his computer made by his hand. (Audio not Midi)
During his performance we had a computer/music animation on a big screen with music instruments which were playing with Eddie.

Also we had a short movie about an old Diesel engine. After the starting of the engine (and al the smoke of it) Eddie played in the rhytm of the engine.
Most entertaining.

Later Eddie played together with a street organ of the museum where the Compton is situated in.
It was a big success.

Will you be with us the next time ? You are most welcome.

April 9'th 20

Do you want to play by yourself ? Now is the time !

Always exciting. "Me, behind the Compton Theatre Organ ? Everyone can hear and see me playing"
Many people use this excuse not to play behind such an impressive organ.
But our experience teaches us that anyone who played one time on our organ will be very pleased and glad for this great moment.

Our slogan will always be: "It ain't important how good you are, it is important how much fun you have"

More information you will find at our "Open Consoleday Page" <= please click here to go to this page (Dutch)

NOF 40 year anniversary !!

Hip hip hurray, let we take a drink !! It's already 40 years ago the Dutch Organ Foundation (NOF) starts her organization.
In those days was it crystal-clear that the Theatre Organ had to be secured in his existence.

Gladly all the volunteers worked with care at the Theatre Organ and everything what is attached to it.
That's the reason why we nowadays enjoy the very impressive sound of the organ.

We started the replacement of our Compton Organ at Haarlem October 2005 and at november 3'rd 2007 the first concert was a fact.
Do you want to see more, please read the story of the 40 year anniversary of the NOF at (in Dutch)

Progress and overhaul of the Compton

The technical team has made progress on the Compton organ. What have we done ...

For more explanation and pictures, please look at our progresspage


Saturday September 26'th 2009

We will organize an open console day on the 26'th of September 2009
Please keep this date free. You'll be welcome to play by yourself of listen to the other organists.

It's also possible to chat to eachother about the music of the Theatreorgan.
Do you have questions, feel free to ask to one of the members of the technical team of Compton Haarlem. They're all familiair with the English language.

If you want to play also, please let us know

Hope to see you soon.


"Haarlem draait door" nice succes !

It was a nice succes, the streetorganfestival "Haarlem draait door" or Haarlem keeps on going.

Next to the street organs, we also had a stand where we can advertise our NOF.

Nice between our streetorganfriends.

There were a lot of people who did'nt know that there were original Theatreorgans in the Neighborhood.


Coin stickers Dutch Organ Foundation

Did you know ....

The NOF (Dutch Organ Foundation) does now also have coin stickers which can be used on the backside of the
2 Euro coin.

You can get for free this coin stickers and place these on the backside of the 2 Euro coin.

Feel free to ask these stickers by one of our concerts. Do you join us to advertise our beautiful Theatreorgans ?

Thanks in advance.


Mailinglist Dutch Organ Foundation

Do you want to keep in touch when the concerts are or other festivities ?
Or maybe other interesting information about our Theatreorgans ?
Please: let us know here . Choose on the left the button

Fire in building next to the streetorganmuseum

In February 2009, there was a fire, next to the building of the streetorganmuseum.
Because of the bad anti smoke devices from the neighbors we had a lot of soot.

All the pipes and other instruments of the streetorgans were filthy. A hell of a job to clean all this.
The most of our Compton instruments were spared because they were behind massive shutters.

But we also had to clean and maintain our instruments to remove all smoke parts and soot.

The technical team has succeeded and the Compton is working fine.
We also made progress in the Solid state and Midi.
The open Flute, the Chimes and the Xylophone are now on digital command.
For the Xylophone this is a huge progress. It's very fast now to play. Before this, the Xylophone sometimes was jittering and slow.

De Compton packed in plastic.
Just cleaned with special tools


here on the left our Compton.
Just hiding herself for all the workers
who are cleaning and repairing the whole building.


Len Rawle on video

Len has played his own openings tune, called "Curtain Up".

We're allowed to put his tune on our website.
This song gives a good look what the organ can do.
We're honored that we could show you this video.

Take a look on the videopage and enjoy this song.
(and of course the other video's)


The Compton Theaterorgan on the radio ! (dutch)

  Advertising is of course very important for the beautiful Compton Theatreorgan.
We want to share this unique and wonderful sound and sociability what the Compton and organists can bring us, as much as possible.

On Monday the 5'th of January "Radio Noord-Holland" had broadcast a recording about
the Compton Theatreorgan at Haarlem.

Jan of the team Compton Haarlem has given a short explanation about what this organ is
capable of and how beautiful it sounds.

Please click here to listen to this recording.

source: RTV-NH

Possible trafficproblems to the Streetorganmuseum with the Compton !

From Monday January 5'th till Tuesday March 31'th 2009.

Are you coming from above the "Velsertunnel" or IJmuiden? Take for destination Waarderpolder or Haarlem Oost, Haarlem Zuid – Oost the A9 then A200.

Are you coming from Velsen/Driehuis/Velserbroek/Santpoort? Take for destination Waarderpolder or Haarlem Oost, Haarlem Zuid – Oost the A208 / N208, Delftlaan, Verspronckweg, N200 (the Bolwerkenroute).

More information take a look also HERE



Saturday September 13'th and December 6'th 2008
Big Succes !

On Saturday, September 13'th and December 6'th, the Compton Theatreorgan-team and the NOF organized an "Open Console" day.
Anyone who wants to get a closer look at the Compton was welcome to come by.

It was a huge succes. Everyone enjoyed the music and the volunteer organists had a great time when they were playing on the Compton Theatreorgan.

We hope in the near future that you also take the chance to play on our beautiful Compton Theatreorgan on an Open Console Day.

See also the photographs taken on this day. Click here



The videosection is online again.
There are 3 songs. One from Len Rawle and two from Eddie Ruhier.
These 3 songs are the originals from Len and Eddie. That's for sure. They've given their permission to put their songs on our site.
Thanks Len and Eddie.



Would like to see you on an open console day or maybe a beautiful concert.


The Technical team Compton Haarlem.