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The openingconcert on November 3'rd 2007 was a big succes !!

Len Rawle (on the right) is for many years a very good friend of the NOF and especially a good friend and advisor of the Technical team Haarlem.
 Every time it's a joy to work with this great man.

He knows, like no other, all tricks, sounds and effects on the Comptonorgan.
Len makes, every time again, a huge show.

Kevin Grunill (on the left), always smiling, is a professional behind the Compton.
Beautiful music. Absolutely a joy to hear and see his Theatreorganart.

This tastes like more. Up to the next concert.


Tickets are availiable at the entrance of the museum !!

During this concertdays it isn't allowed to smoke and make recordings !


The Concertagenda of 2011/2012 at Haarlem

Date: * Time: * Organist: *
Sat. Sept. 4'th 2011 11.00 Mini concerts & Open console day
Sat. Sept. 24'th 2011 15.00 Gerwin van der Plaats
Sat. Oct. 15'th 2011 15.00 Len Rawle
Sat. Nov. 19'th 2011 15.00 Kevin Grunill
Sat. Dec. 17'th 2011 13.00 Mini concerts & Open console day
Sat. Mar. 24'th 2012 15.00 Christian Cartwright
Sat. Apr. 21'th 2012 15.00 Chris Powell
Sat. May 5'th 2012 15.00 Eddie Ruhier (Music special)


Because of fireregulations there is a maximum of 120 persons in the museum. Please be on time. Full is full !!

There are more theatreorganconcerts in Holland, look at the theatreorgan-agenda of the Dutch Organ Foundation  Click here.

* Changes reserve.  Source: NOF - Concertorganisation