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As you know, advertising is very important to be well known.
Many people do not know or realize that there exists a such fantastic and impressive Theatreorgan in Holland.
Also good advertising often costs a lot of money and that’s wat we don’t have as Dutch Organ Foundation.

What are we advertising:

Mouth to mouth

Yep, that is the best advertising possible. You are very important to us. If you tell your friends, family and friends about our wonderful organ, they also get curious and want to visit us.

Joining the NOF would be absolutely wonderful. If you support us, the Theatre Organs stays existing.
Want to join the Dutch Organ Foundation? Please have a look here.
Do you want to be a member of the NOF ? Click on this site  on


Compton Haarlem on

Display bigger chart

Maybe you are familiar with Google maps:

Our Compton is also subscribed on this handy site.
Take a look on Google maps and type: Compton Haarlem

You get the same (and more) information you will see here on the left.



Coin Stickers Dutch Organ Foundation

Did you know … ?

The Dutch Organ Foundation now has currency stickers.
You paste it on the "back" of the 2-euro coin. (Not on the side where the currency value 2 is )

These are available free of charge during the concerts. Do we stick together ?
You will advertise and support us to keep the theatre organs existing.

Thanks in advance.



Mailinglist Dutch Organ Foundation

Would you like to be informed when there is a concert or another festivity around the theatre organs
of the Dutch Organ Foundation. Or maybe you want to be kept informed of other interesting information
regarding the N.O.F. Please click on this site  on


The Compton Theatre Organ on the radio !

  Advertising is very important for the magnificent Compton Theatre Organ.
That’s for sure. We want as many people as possible share in the unique
and beautiful sound and the fun Compton and the organists brings us.
On Monday, January 5 “Radio Noord-Holland” had a recording broadcast of the Compton Theatre Organ at Haarlem.
Jan of the team Compton Haarlem recently explained what the organ is and can do.

Also briefly let hear the sound of what the organ is capable of.
Of course we want to give you the opportunity to listen to this recording.
So it’s still available to you.

CLICK HERE to listen to this recording.

source: RTV-NH



Advertising in regional magazines

There are also ads in regional magazines such as:

  • Haarlems Daily and Weekly paper

  • Alkmaars Weekly paper

  • IJmuider newspaper


We‘ll be present at various events

We would like to tell you personally about the Compton theatre organ and of course other theatre organs of the NOF.
Therefore, we are with information, photos, CDs and leaflets with a stall at various festivals such as:


  • ”Haarlem draait door” (1 June, 2009)

  • Oldtimer Meeting (August 23, 2009)

  • At the concerts and open days

Visit our news page for more information.


We are looking for sponsors
Do you want to support us ? There is the possibility to sponsor us.

It would be great if you want to help us with to keep the Theatre Organ existing.
An authentic organ where everything works.

The only electronics on the Compton are to control the relay because the old relay often had faillures.
It’s necessary to replace the old relays.

For the rest, everything is real.

  • The organ pipes with or without the Tremulants
  • The effects such as: bird, drums, sirens, car horn
  • external percussion instruments such as chimes, tubular bells, xylophone, piano

Would you support us? Please contact us for more information



Do you have tips for us?

If you have a good tip for us to advertise, at the lowest possible cost we are highly be interested.
Advertising is and remains necessary. We like to hear from you and hopefully see you sometimes at a concert or open console day.

We are still negotiating with:

  • MAX broadcasting

  • Van zuks dus (RTV-NH)

Thanks for your effort.
best regards,

Technical team Compton Haarlem.

        Peter, Jan R, Jack, JandB, Sjors, René and John
(John not in picture)